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Grocery circular

9 a.m.

Say hello to Julie.

Due to the fact that her son joined the soccer team, Julie no longer has the luxury of flipping through store circulars as she sips her morning coffee. Saturday mornings are now spent sitting on the bleachers at the soccer field. Julie takes her morning coffee to go, and thanks to Key Ring, she can take store circulars to go too. She multitasks as she leisurely flips through circulars and plans her shopping trip for later that day.

11 a.m.

She looks at the weekly ad her favorite grocer has sent out this week.

By tapping on the items she’s most interested in purchasing, Julie learns more about the deals. She saves her favorite items to her shopping list in Key Ring without ever leaving the weekly ad.

Grocery list
Grocery banner

3 p.m.

In the store, Julie opens up the shopping list she created on Key Ring.

She easily checks off each item as she adds it to her cart. She notices a simple recipe for Easy Chicken Bake featured on her loyalty card in Key Ring and decides to purchase the ingredients. She adds the cheese featured  in the recipe to her shopping cart.

4 p.m.

When Julie arrives at the checkout line, she pulls out her smartphone.

Rather than rummaging through her purse for her loyalty card, Julie simply opens Key Ring and lets the cashier scan her screen. She saves $16.73 for using her member card and earns $.10 off / gallon so she can fuel up on her way home.

Grocery barcode
Pharmacy list

9 a.m.

Cough medicine, check. Tissues, check.

Ashley is trying to keep her son healthy during cold and flu season. It’s that time of year, and Ashley wants to make sure she’s stocked up on all the cold and flu essentials. She hates making multiple trips to the store, but she rarely remembers to pick up everything her family needs in one trip. Ashley continues adding items to her shopping list in Key Ring, trying to remember all the items her son could use to feel better just in case he gets sick.

9:30 a.m.

When she opens the app at the pharmacy, Ashley notices a banner with tips on how to stay well during flu season.

The banner is sponsored by her favorite tissue brand. Tissues, herbal tea, and a heating pad for muscle aches are all recommended.

Pharmacy promotion
Pharmacy circular

9:35 a.m.

Ashley taps on the recommended products to add them to her shopping list.

She also quickly checks her pharmacy’s weekly ad to see if any other essentials are on sale. Ashley notices that orange juice and cough drops are on sale, so she adds the additional items. Then, she checks off the the products on her list in Key Ring as she shops in the store and purchases all the items that she needs.

Sporting goods add card

9 a.m.

John Downloads Key Ring.

John loves golfing and is always on the hunt for new gear. He’s a loyalty member of his favorite sporting goods retailer, but he often forgets his card and it’s hard for him to keep up with special store events. A few of his golf buddies recommended Key Ring so John decides to download the app.

9:51 a.m.

John receives a notification that his favorite sporting goods store has just released a new weekly ad.

He opens Key Ring and begins browsing for good deals on golf items. John notices that the golf bag he’s had his eye on is finally on sale and adds it to a shopping list.

Sporting goods notification
Sporting goods barcode

6:30 p.m.

John heads to the store.

While he’s in the sporting goods store, John opens his list in Key Ring and heads towards the golfing area. He finds the golf bag of his dreams, and, sure enough, it’s on sale. Because he has it handy in Key Ring, John pulls up his loyalty card at the checkout counter and the cashier scans the barcode. Finally, he can receive the full experience of a loyalty customer.

1 Week Later

He receives a coupon.

Because John recently purchased a golf bag, the sporting goods store can identify him as a golfing enthusiast. John receives a coupon for 30% off his next pair of golf shoes. He sets a reminder to use the coupon before it expires and plans to make another trip there next week. He’ll never miss a great deal from his favorite sporting goods store again!

Golf shoe coupon
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