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Promote your brand content during the consumer’s path to purchase. Easily.

Customizable calls to action

Add item to list, view a recipe, answer survey, claim coupon, and more!

Geo target your audience

... or hyper-target one of 2,000 loyalty programs, 210 DMAs, 27 retail categories, or over 170 retail circulars.

Measure brand engagement

... and in-store sales lift using loyalty card data.

Organic experience

Shoppers are primed for your message directly along the path to purchase.

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Drive customers to view and interact with your digital circular content. Key Ring optimizes digital feeds from the top retailers to drive customers to the store.

Automated geotargeting and localized versioning

Display digital sales circulars to mobile shoppers within a defined radius of your store locations.

Embedded shopping lists

Customers can easily build shopping lists as they view items.

Send notifications when new content is available

Get smart about who you message based on loyalty program members, past circular interaction, and proximity to store.

Promote circular in high traffic areas of the app

Leverage prime real estate to drive customers to your content.

Offers header

Send coupons, specials, and promotions to drive store traffic and transactions.

Target offers to your loyalty customers

Send customized offers to specific loyalty members.

Distribute offers to the Key Ring network

Reach any Key Ring user and filter your audience by the user’s proximity to your store.

Eliminate fraud

... with unique one time use coupon codes, campaign-specific codes, and limiting the number of redemptions. We work with your strategy to optimize campaigns.

Everyday promotions or special events

Distribute standard promotions or raise awareness about special events like Grand Opening, Back to School, Holiday and others.

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There are lots of ways to connect with the customer using Key Ring. We help you deliver your message in the right place and at the right time.

Points Balances

Alert customers of their points balance and status and help them manage their reward card chaos.

Push notifications

Send push notifications to users who have opted to received offers and content from you.


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